Change Log

Version 2.1

This fixes 4 defects of the specification itself. No new units.

  • #185 tan100 defined inconsistently
  • #183 Fix typing error for weber quantity kind
  • #184 Canonical form not described
  • #189 Two concerns on syntax tree

Version 2.0.1

Version 2.0

List of Issues Resolved

  • Emergency minor release 2.0.1 on 13-NOV-2015 to fix the exponent of Planck's constant. #175
  • ucum-essence.xml had elements in no name space. This was obviously a bug. It was resolved, not an emergency, but would have been more difficult to hold this minor fix back until 2.1 #157

Version 1.9

List of Issues Resolved

New units

tex 1 g/km metric tex
[den] 1 g/9/km nonmetric Denier
[anti'Xa'U] 1 1 nonmetric arbitrary anti factor Xa unit
[EID_50] 1 1 nonmetric arbitrary 50% embryo infectious dose
[Amb'a'1'U] 1 1 nonmetric arbitrary allergen unit for Ambrosia artemisiifolia
[Lf] 1 1 nonmetric arbitrary Limit of flocculation
[D'ag'U] 1 1 nonmetric arbitrary D-antigen unit
[FEU] 1 1 nonmetric arbitrary fibrinogen equivalent unit
[ELU] 1 1 nonmetric arbitrary ELISA unit
[EU] 1 1 nonmetric arbitrary Ehrlich unit
[foz_m] 30 mL nonmetric metric fluid ounce
[cup_m] 240 mL nonmetric metric cup
[tsp_m] 5 mL nonmetric metric teaspoon
[tbs_m] 15 mL nonmetric metric tablespoon
[oz_m] 28 g nonmetric metric ounce
[degR] 5 K/9 nonmetric degree Rankine

Changed Units

Exact Constants

The following units are modified to turn constants which were stated of limited precision to exact. This is indicated by removing the decimal point from the number. If a number has a decimal point, it is considered having this number of significant digits, hence limited precision. If there is no decimal point (and magnitude adjusted in the exponent) it is considered exact.

[g] 980665e-5 (was: 9.80665) m/s2 metric standard acceleration of free fall
m[H2O] 980665e-5 (was 9.80665) kPa metric meter of water column
Ci 37e9 (was: 3.7e10) Bq metric Curie
[car_m] 2e-1 (was: 0.2) g nonmetric metric carat

Corrected Constants

[Ch] 1 mm/3 (was: mm/[pi]) nonmetric Charrière
AU 149597.870691 Mm nonmetric astronomic unit
[drp] 1 ml/20 (was: ml/12) nonmetric drop

Version 1.8.2

The major change of this release is the establishment of a class of "arbitrary units" which are no longer simply dimensionless. This is to protect the false assumption that one could convert measurement values expressed in some arbitrary unit into one in another arbitrary or dimensionless units.

Version 1.8

List of Issues Resolved

New units:

[wood'U] 1 mm[Hg].min/L nonmetric Wood unit
[IU] 1 [iU] metric arbitrary international unit
[BAU] 1 1 nonmetric arbitrary bioequivalent allergen unit
[AU] 1 1 nonmetric arbitrary allergen unit
[PNU] 1 1 nonmetric arbitrary protein nitrogen unit
B[10.nV] * 2lg(10 nV) metric bel 10 nanovolt
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