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Previously submitted ticket #5790 was closed. Not sure if my request to change the current LOINC reporting was understood. Please change kIU/l to KUA/l - see below for explanation. I am also able to send the ImmunoCAP Specific IgE Directions for Use as a reference but I am not sure how to attach a document. This may be found on line also. I apologize for not responding sooner but we are now just receiving questions on this again.

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Thermo Fisher Scientific is requesting kUA /l to be represented as the standard unit for allergen specific IgE results.

When reporting results for an allergen-specific IgE antibody test, the notation should clearly indicate the result is a measurement of a subset of IgE antibodies and not total IgE immunoglobulin. By including a subscript “A” it is clear the result is for allergen-specific antibody. Measurements of both allergen-specific antibodies and total IgE immunoglobulin are concentrations and requires expressions of volume.

Specific IgE antibodies are expressed in (kUA/l) where A represents allergen-specific antibodies, and Total IgE values are expressed in kU/l

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