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Definition of [cr_i] and [crd_us]

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In UCUM v2.1 (both in the HTML and XML specification) the units [cr_i] (international cord) and [crd_us] (US cord) are both defined as "128 [ft_i]3", i.e. both based on the international foot instead of the the US cord based on [ft_us] (US foot). Is this intended (creating two different units with the same definition is misleading)? Thanks in advance

<unit Code="[cr_i]" CODE="[CR_I]" isMetric="no" class="intcust">

<name>cord</name> <property>volume</property> <value Unit="[ft_i]3" UNIT="[FT_I]3" value="128">128</value>


<unit Code="[crd_us]" CODE="[CRD_US]" isMetric="no" class="us-volumes">

<name>cord</name> <property>fluid volume</property> <value Unit="[ft_i]3" UNIT="[FT_I]3" value="128">128</value>


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