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Thank you so much for all the work you are doing. I found the documentation very useful. I had some difficulty, however, finding any documentation related to the unit "rpm" (revolutions per minute), as in the unit that might indicate the speed of a fan, for example. Can you suggest a reference in the specification that deals with this measurement?

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frequency units are "/min", the fact that it is "revolutions" "rounds" or "rings" does not matter. This should not become a unit. I vote against.

comment:2 Changed 3 years ago by Garret Wilson

Component: help

Could someone indicate how one would indicate RPM using UCUM in that case? I understand the reasoning, but what goes in the "numerator" position with "/min"? What is the standard UCUM unit for a revolution? Surely it would not be "revolution/min", because I can't find "revolution" in the UCUM.

I want to do it the correct way. What is the correct way?

For lab equipment, for example, I believe it is common to set up some motors at a certain speed. It seems convoluted to ask the lab workers to learn how to convert a simple RPM to "2pi/60 rad/s" or whatever.

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