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UCUM support for Fantom

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I heard of the Fantom language, created by a former JSR-275 EG member, Brian Frank and his brother by Stephen Colebourne (JSR-310 Spec Lead)

The language largely due to their background and interest in Units has a core system type Unit similar to CURL or F#, but unlike those it is Open Source. Plus it aims to run both on JVM and .NET CLR which makes it rather interesting for heterogenous environments.

Units there are defined in a format called .FOG, a plain text, almost source-code like structure.

Taking Temperature as example: temperature (K1) [

"temperature", Unit("fahrenheit; ºF; K1; 0.5555555555555556; 255.37222222222223"), Unit("celsius; ºC; K1; 1.0; 273.15"), Unit("kelvin; ºK; K1"),


To give an idea about it.

It looks not so different from the UCUM catalog, therefore it would be a great benefit to both communities, if the full set of UCUM units could be used by Fantom in such form.

I'll also add a section on Fantom under Implementation Support.

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If anyone wants to work on this, they are welcome. But this is not really a high priority work item for UCUM.

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I want to close these tickets that just say "consider talking with X or doing Y". Unless someone takes it up, it just sticks around. Someone could put these suggestions on a Wiki page. But until then, I will close it.

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