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Units for "work per heartbeat" should be "gf.m/{H.B.}, not "g.m/{H.B.}

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In Table 24 of Section 50 of the on-line UCUM specification, you list the c/s "g.m/{H.B.}" for the "gram meter per heartbeat" parameter. This should be changed to "gf.m/{H.B.}" to correctly express "work per heartbeat".

Although this is often incorrectly expressed as "g.m" in the literature, "g.m" or "kg.m" is mass x distance, which is not "work". We are missing the acceleration due to the Earth's gravity [g] = 9.80665 m/s2 to obtain a "gram-force". Thus the correct units for cardiac stroke work should be "grams x [g] x distance", which can be expressed with UCUM as either "g.[g].m" or "gf.m" ("gf" is "grams-force").

We are currently reviewing the units-of-measure that are used in the Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise Patient Care Devices (IHE-PCD) Rosetta Terminology Mapping (RTM) project. The IHE PCD is a large multi-vendor effort (e.g. GE, Philips, Draeger, Spacelabs, CapsuleTech?, EPIC as well as federal agencies such as NIST) that is intended to achieve enterprise interoperability for near real-time medical device data, and the Rosetta effort focuses specifically on the terminology and correct units-of-measure. We have also identified at least four cardiac parameters in DICOM that have the incorrect units as well.

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Paul Schluter, Ph.D. Principal Engineer GE Healthcare - Monitoring Solutions office: (414) 362-3610

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Thanks for this note, we made the change. [16777]

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Done, talked with Paul Schluter.

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