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Looking for information on the dim attribute of base-units XML tag

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Can you explain the purpose of the dim attribute of the <base-unit> tag of the ucum-essence.xml file? All of the other children or attributes of the <base-unit> tag easily line up with columns of Table 2 of the HTML documentation. Except for dim. Attrubute values look like abbreviations for the kind of quantity column (i.e., the <property> tag of the XML file), but if this is true I can't find anywhere in UCUM that these abbreviations are used. On a wild guess, I checked the "Kind of Property" table of LOINC, but they don't match up with the LOINC abbreviations either.

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The dim attribute specifies the letter used in the standard notation for dimension.

  • L - length
  • T - time
  • M - mass


The standard notation, for example, says that force is in the dimension LT-2M

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