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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#2111 Request a new unit of measure (SQ-HDM) to UCUM question blocker help
#2106 New UCUM needed for Arkansas Surgical Hospita defect critical unit definitions
#5784 Post N41 about Diabetes Pill Could End Dreaded 'moon Face' Side Effect Of Steroids enhancement critical Version 2.2 unit definitions
#5785 Post N99 about Chronic Headache Pain Treatment In Delhi board motion critical Version 2.2 web site
#20 Chinese translation enhancement major
#43 validation of unit of measure task major
#90 Copies – term used for viral load data enhancement major
#98 [FAQ] How to write "mL/min/1.73 m2"? question major
#165 UOM available on UCUM document not in CDC PHIN VADS Christof Gessner question major
#180 Motion to adopt CharterAndBylaws board motion major organization
#186 UCUM codes for "Telebiometrics related to human physiology" Clem McDonald question major Version 2.2 help
#195 Equivalence of "l" and "L" representations? question major help
#2696 Some unit attributes in XML have non-ASCII space characters defect major unit definitions
#5775 Avogadro's number changed (and AMU with that) enhancement major Version 2.2 unit definitions
#10 Add music intervals enhancement minor
#15 Potential Open Geospatial Consortium Standardization task minor
#28 pH discussion refinement enhancement minor
#72 id attributes on xml and html spec enhancement minor
#96 "per meter square" AND "cc" defect minor Revision 1.9
#129 Add unit for log10 variants of "EID 50", [TCID_50] and [CCID_50] enhancement minor
#135 Add unit AFU - Arbitrary Fluorescent Unit enhancement minor
#137 Add MESF - Molecules of Equivalent Soluble Fluorochromes enhancement minor
#138 Add MFI - Median Fluorescence Intensity enhancement minor
#151 Explanation of Change Log and Version Identifier question minor
#161 Add AI UCUM enhancement minor
#162 §23.1 does not define "<floating-point-number>" question minor
#168 Add Unit OIF - Oil Immersion Microscopy Field enhancement minor
#170 Add American Hospital Formulary Unit [AHF'U] unt enhancement minor
#172 Grammar allows zero defect minor
#173 TREC units = copies/uL question minor
#174 Planck time Christof Gessner enhancement minor
#178 How to deal with the frequent revisions of natural constants. enhancement minor Version 2.2
#181 Motion to add Bill Hess as a Board Member board motion minor organization
#193 Please suggest a location to download the UCUM codes question minor help
#199 dot as decimal separator and not UCUM dot question minor help
#200 German translations? question minor help
#202 Misspelling - "pound per sqare inch" Gunther Schadow defect minor Version 2.2 unit definitions
#1811 Question: base-unit vs. unit elements question minor unit definitions
#2123 New unit proposal: dB(HL) enhancement minor unit definitions
#3667 torr enhancement minor unit definitions
#154 Unitwise: New Ucum Implementation in Ruby task trivial
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