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#5790 sIgE units kUA/l defect blocker help
#5791 Please add “[mgPE]” for “milligrams of Phenytoin Equivalents” enhancement blocker Version 2.2 unit definitions
#5783 Shore Hardness Scale enhancement critical Version 2.2 support material
#165 UOM available on UCUM document not in CDC PHIN VADS Christof Gessner question major help
#5788 Mismatch of base units between UCUM and SI question major help
#5799 g/kg has a trailing space defect major help
#5786 Definition of [cr_i] and [crd_us] question minor help
#5793 Possible new Unit of measure question minor help
#5794 Specific gravity unit of measure enhancement minor help
#5795 Few more typos in 2.1 defect minor unit definitions
#5796 Use "×" instead of '*" to describe multiplication defect minor unit definitions
#5797 Avoid defect minor unit definitions
#5798 Typo in 2.1 defect minor unit definitions
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