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#5789 What is the URL of the UCUM SVN? question blocker help
#43 validation of unit of measure cjmcdonald task major help
#73 Codeset - preferred display terms Christof Gessner task major
#134 Correct UCUM for cells/uL question major
#28 pH discussion refinement enhancement minor help
#46 Get in touch with oBIX question minor
#51 fractional dimensions question minor
#63 UCUM and ISO 80000 question minor
#97 Document Describing the XML Release of the Specification task minor
#143 copies/mL question minor
#160 Case sensitive symbol for centimeters squared question minor
#166 UCUM certification Governance/Process question minor help
#171 Question about submitting new units of Measure question minor
#177 Maintenance of UCUM question minor
#182 Cannot get to sites under question minor help
#190 Representation of Patient Age in Decades question minor help
#192 Download the UCUM codes in excel format question minor help
#194 Prefixes on non-SI units when commonly used in certain industries question minor help
#5784 Bühlmann Titer Unit Brenée Mitchell question minor unit definitions
#118 Looking for information on the dim attribute of base-units XML tag question trivial
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