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#156 IR - Index of Reactivity Gunther Schadow enhancement critical 8 years ago
#158 Grammar specification is self-contradictory Gunther Schadow defect critical 8 years ago
#175 Planck's constant is wrong by 10 orders of magnitude Gunther Schadow defect major 7 years ago
#54 Questions/Issues in connection with UCUM v1.8.2 Gunther Schadow defect minor 12 years ago
#147 unit of amplitude spectral densities? Gunther Schadow question minor 9 years ago
#152 Réaumur temperature scale Gunther Schadow enhancement minor 9 years ago
#155 Incorrect unit name Gunther Schadow defect minor 8 years ago
#157 Supporting infrastructure for XML version of specification question minor 8 years ago
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