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#2111 Request a new unit of measure (SQ-HDM) to UCUM new blocker help
#197 Request a new unit of measure (SQ-HDM) to UCUM for use in SPL assigned Gunther Schadow critical unit definitions
#98 [FAQ] How to write "mL/min/1.73 m2"? new major
#165 UOM available on UCUM document not in CDC PHIN VADS new Christof Gessner major
#167 Duration versus date in geological time assigned Gunther Schadow major Version 2.2
#186 UCUM codes for "Telebiometrics related to human physiology" new Clem McDonald major Version 2.2 help
#195 Equivalence of "l" and "L" representations? new major help
#151 Explanation of Change Log and Version Identifier new minor
#162 §23.1 does not define "<floating-point-number>" new minor
#166 UCUM certification wontfix minor
#173 TREC units = copies/uL new minor
#193 Please suggest a location to download the UCUM codes new minor help
#199 dot as decimal separator and not UCUM dot new minor help
#200 German translations? new minor help
#1811 Question: base-unit vs. unit elements new minor unit definitions
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