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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Milestone Priority
#20 Chinese translation new enhancement major
#24 Particle Mesh Size units reject_proposed enhancement major
#43 validation of unit of measure new task major
#52 Pack-year reject_proposed defect major
#88 %O – Promille - thousandth reject_proposed enhancement major
#90 Copies – term used for viral load data new enhancement major
#98 [FAQ] How to write "mL/min/1.73 m2"? new question major
#165 UOM available on UCUM document not in CDC PHIN VADS new Christof Gessner question major
#167 Duration versus date in geological time assigned Gunther Schadow question Version 2.2 major
#180 Motion to adopt CharterAndBylaws new board motion major
#186 UCUM codes for "Telebiometrics related to human physiology" new Clem McDonald question Version 2.2 major
#191 The use of the Greek letter mu and/or use of the lowercase letter "u" as abbreviations for the unit of measure prefix "micro" is unacceptable from a safety standpoint. reject_proposed defect major
#195 Equivalence of "l" and "L" representations? new question major
#2696 Some unit attributes in XML have non-ASCII space characters new defect major
#5775 Avogadro's number changed (and AMU with that) new enhancement Version 2.2 major
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