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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#5778 Use a standard license for UCUM assigned defect critical support material
#20 Chinese translation assigned enhancement major help
#180 Motion to adopt CharterAndBylaws assigned board motion major organization
#186 UCUM codes for "Telebiometrics related to human physiology" assigned question major Version 2.2 help
#151 Explanation of Change Log and Version Identifier assigned question minor help
#178 How to deal with the frequent revisions of natural constants. assigned enhancement minor Version 2.2 help
#179 [INTERNAL] promote users to verified status when their ticket makes sense. assigned task minor web site
#193 Please suggest a location to download the UCUM codes assigned question minor help
#200 German translations? assigned question minor help
#154 Unitwise: New Ucum Implementation in Ruby assigned task trivial help
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