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#98 [FAQ] How to write "mL/min/1.73 m2"? assigned cjmcdonald question major
#162 *§23.1 does not define "<floating-point-number>" assigned Simon Cox question minor
#165 UOM available on UCUM document not in CDC PHIN VADS new Christof Gessner question major
#167 Duration versus date in geological time assigned Gunther Schadow question major Version 2.2
#173 TREC units = copies/uL assigned cjmcdonald question minor
#186 UCUM codes for "Telebiometrics related to human physiology" assigned Governance/Process question major Version 2.2
#193 Please suggest a location to download the UCUM codes assigned Governance/Process question minor
#195 Equivalence of "l" and "L" representations? assigned Simon Cox question major
#199 dot as decimal separator and not UCUM dot assigned Simon Cox question minor
#200 German translations? assigned Governance/Process question minor
#5786 Definition of [cr_i] and [crd_us] new question minor
#5788 *Mismatch of base units between UCUM and SI new question major
#5793 *Possible new Unit of measure accepted Brenée Mitchell question minor
#20 Chinese translation assigned Governance/Process enhancement major
#72 *id attributes on xml and html spec assigned Simon Cox enhancement minor
#90 *Copies – term used for viral load data assigned Simon Cox enhancement major
#129 *Add unit for log10 variants of "EID 50", [TCID_50] and [CCID_50] assigned Daniel Vreeman enhancement minor
#137 *Add MESF - Molecules of Equivalent Soluble Fluorochromes assigned Daniel Vreeman enhancement minor
#169 Add arbitrary unit for absorbance [A'U] wontfix Christof Gessner enhancement minor
#174 Planck time accepted Brenée Mitchell enhancement minor Version 2.2
#178 How to deal with the frequent revisions of natural constants. assigned Governance/Process enhancement minor Version 2.2
#5794 *Specific gravity unit of measure new enhancement minor
#52 Pack-year assigned cjmcdonald defect major
#96 + "per meter square" AND "cc" accepted Brenée Mitchell defect minor Version 2.2
#172 Grammar allows zero assigned Simon Cox defect minor Version 2.2
#5790 sIgE units kUA/l new defect blocker
#5799 g/kg has a trailing space accepted Brenée Mitchell defect major
#5800 Previously submitted ticket #5790 was closed. Not sure if my request to change the current LOINC reporting was understood. Please change kIU/l to KUA/l - see below for explanation. I am also able to send the ImmunoCAP Specific IgE Directions for Use as a reference but I am not sure how to attach a document. This may be found on line also. I apologize for not responding sooner but we are now just receiving questions on this again. new defect blocker
#5801 I apologize for additional tickets-- I would like to clarify my request: new defect blocker
#5828 Link to XSLT implementation new defect major
#15 *Potential Open Geospatial Consortium Standardization assigned Simon Cox task minor
#154 +Unitwise: New Ucum Implementation in Ruby assigned Governance/Process task trivial
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