Requests for Units

How to request new units for inclusion in UCUM

We welcome users to submit requests for new standardized units. Each request must be accompanied by a scientific definition of the proposed unit. Keep in mind the scope of UCUM is science, healthcare, engineering, and business (not including currencies). Units outside this context are discouraged.

New requests should be made by creating a new Issue on GitHub. You will need a free GitHub account to make requests.

Requests will receive careful consideration balancing the semantic clarity of UCUM units with the practical demands of users in the field. Due to the timing of UCUM meetings, it may one month or more to get a response on your request.

Reporting errors

In addition to the option for requesting units, you may report errors using the same Issue mechanism on GitHub. We will act expeditiously to resolve any problems and correct mistakes.

Asking questions

We are not equipped to handle individual questions. We recommend posting your questions to UCUM Discussions, also on GitHub. You may also consult other parts of this documentation.

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