Using Issues in GitHub


To address issues within GitHub and communicate their status, Regenstrief has established the following Labels.


This issue has been reviewed by UCUM Advisors and has been accepted. Its inclusion in the UCUM specification is pending.


The issue is presently on hold as the group awaits more information, either from the requestor or staff/advisor research.


The issue will be addressed in an upcoming meeting of UCUM advisors.

Closing Issues

An issue can be closed with either of two results: "Closed as completed" or "Closed as not planned."

Closed as completed

The topic referred to in this item has been fully resolved, i.e. it has been published as part of the UCUM specification and no further action is to be taken. Typically, a pull request will be associated with this action.

Closed as not planned

This topic has been rejected. Comments explaining the acction will be provided.

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