UCUM Committee Charter

Charter Purpose

The UCUM Committee charter documents the roles and operations of the Committee.

Committee Purpose

The purpose of the UCUM Committee is to publish, maintain, and promote the Unified Code for Units of Measure.

Committee Scope

UCUM is a code system intended to include all units of measures being contemporarily used in healthcare, science, engineering, and business expressing units of measure in digital artifacts. The UCUM Committee governs the specification for the UCUM code system.

Committee Functions

The Committee will:

Regenstrief Health Data Standards (HDS) staff will support the Committee in carrying out these functions.

Committee Membership

This charter describes the criteria and processes for Committee membership. All Committee members must be LOINC members or be affiliated with an organization that is a LOINC member. Information on LOINC membership can be found on the LOINC website.

Committee Membership Criteria

The Committee will establish criteria for Committee membership. Membership criteria will include:

Member Recruitment Process

The Committee will conduct an annual review of Committee membership to identify gaps in areas of expertise that should be represented on the Committee. The UCUM Committee will identify candidates to join the Committee. This may be done based on Committee member recommendations or through an announcement and application process coordinated by Regenstrief HDS staff.

The Committee Chair, Committee members, or HDS staff will reach out to member candidates to determine their interest in participating on the UCUM Committee.

Member Selection

The Committee will use the following process to select members:

Member Termination

The Committee will use the following process to terminate members:

Committee Chair(s) Selection

Appointment of the Chair(s) is made by the designated authority at the Regenstrief Institute.

The HDS Staff will announce a call for nominations for the Committee Chair(s). Nominees shall be drawn from active Committee members at the time of the announcement. If appropriate candidates are not available within the active membership, the pool of candidate nominees may be expanded.

Committee Roles and Responsibilities

Committee Chairs/Co-Chairs

The term length for Committee Chairs is three years, which automatically renews.

Committee Chairs/Co-Chairs have the following responsibilities:

Committee Members

The duties of a member of the UCUM Committee are to engage in the decision-making processes for governance of the UCUM specification. Committee members should:

Ex-Officio and Honorary Committee Members

The Committee has:

Committee Guests

The Committee may invite individuals with specific expertise to join one or more committee meetings to participate in discussions of topics related to their expertise. If the Committee requires the guest’s expertise on an ongoing basis the guest should be invited to become a Committee member, or another expert should be recruited to the Committee.

HDS Staff

HDS staff have the following responsibilities in support of the Committee:

Committee Meetings

Committee Meeting Schedules

It is in the nature of the field of Units of Measure that it is very stable and maintenance activity may be very low. The schedule of Committee meetings will be determined by the volume of requests for new or updated UCUM codes.

Committee Agendas

Committee agenda development and distribution will use the following processes:

Meeting Minutes

Committee minutes development and distribution will use the following processes:

Committee Decision Making Processes

The Committee will drive to a consensus decision whenever possible. Consensus is not unanimity, but rather means that:

The Committee will adopt the following procedures when a consensus decision cannot be reached, or a quorum is not present at the meeting:

For decisions on action items and significant Committee decisions, e.g., decisions that have major impacts on organization, processes, content domains, or significant changes to modeling approaches, the Committee should follow Roberts Rules of Order to guide discussion and voting.


Committee Annual Evaluation

Once each year the Committee will conduct an evaluation of its work. The results of the evaluation will be shared with LOINC committee Co-Chairs to support discussions of overall improvements to committee functions and processes.

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